What music/record companies offer summer internships?

i need a record company (such as Universal Motown Records) that offers internships for younger people. any music company at all. thank you!

Agalloch – Not Unlike the Waves

One-Picture Video of Agalloch’s “Not Unlike the Waves”. Enjoy. Band Website: Encyclopaedia Metallum: Myspace: Record Label – The End Records Record Label – Vendlus Records Record Label – Profound Lore Records Aurora swims in the ether. Emerald fire scars the night sky. Solstafir… Amber streams from Sol, Are not unlike the waves of the sea Nor the endless horizon of ice. Solstafir… Aurora swims in the ether. Emerald fire paints the twilight. Heidrun bleeds the golden nectar, For the rising sun and the moon. The midnight wolves who watch over, The dawn… The golden dawn… Solstafir… Album: Ashes Against the Grain Year: 2006

i want to get signed to columbia records i live in brooklyn and im 13.?

Record Snowfall in New Jersey

Record Snowfall in New Jersey
February 2010 is now officially the snowiest month ever in New Brunswick. It’s just one of several broken records.

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What if I have a new insurance since my last refill and I go to a new pharmacy?

Are prescription records universal now? Will a new pharmacy know if I am filling my script early if my insurance has changed?

how much money does it take to start a indie record label?

please only answer this if you are in the music business.

I’m a dj and I would like to start a record label to produce my own music under. How much money should I reasonably expect to spend on getting a label up and running?

I’m only asking about filing all the forms and getting the proper licenses, not promoting or marketing or recording or anything like that.

Why can nobody find any records that Barack Hussein Obama went to Harvard and Columbia university?

yet, the media NEVER covers this story.

AC/DC? CDS not records?

I have CDS of AC/DC that are made in Japan Does that mean they are original & not remastered Who Made Who on Atlantic records & High Voltage on ATCO records
High Voltage UPC 7567904102
Copyright 1976
Who Made Who UPC 7567-81650-2

How do health care facilities use electronic (or computerized) medical records (EMR)?

What are the advantages of EMR?
Are there any disadvantages? Give an example of at least two challenges faced when
implementing a universal EMR system.

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Emi Says Abbey Road Studios Not for Sale

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Emi Says Abbey Road Studios Not for Sale
After nearly a week of public outcry over reports that Abbey Road Studios in London was up for sale, its owner, the financially troubled British record label EMI, has finally spoken. In a statement issued Sunday, EMI denied that the studio was being put on the market but confirmed that it was seeking financial help to save it…

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