Damian Marley – Beautiful ft. Bobby Brown

Music video by Damian Marley performing Beautiful. (C) 2006 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Distributed by Universal Music & Video Distribution Corp.

Bob Dylan – Pretty Peggy-O, 1962 (Audio/Pics/Lyrics)

Bob Dylan released his first self-titled album "Bob Dylan" in 1962. In his first album is the song "Pretty Peggy-O," a variation of the Scottish folk song "The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie." Bob Dylan's first album sold around 5000 copies the first year, just breaking even. Some in Columbia Records wanted to drop Bob Dylan, but due to support from the likes of Johnny Cash he stayed. Bob Dylan rarely performed songs from his first album and as such I was unable to find a live version of the song on video. So I put a together a collection of photographs and lyrics. Due to the faith of those who knew him in his early days, Bob Dylan has become a legend and will always be remembered in history as an important figure in music whose influence spans five decades.

Prinz’ Perfect Record

Prinz’ Perfect Record
Yvonne Prinz ’ The Vinyl Princess is a young adult novel set in the East Bay, primarily in a used record store on Telegraph Avenue, featuring a 16-year-old clerk whose deep love of vinyl is matched by her nearly autistic command of it. These are dangerous themes, clearly. Tackle an…

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What is the record number of tropical storms in the Atlantic Ocean simultaneously?

Tropical Depressions or higher. Require link to source for best answer.

Is there a microphone in my Scientific Atlantic DVR Cable Box that can record conversations in my livingroom?

I’ve heard from multiple sources now that these cable boxes can record conversations going on in your own home. This model has went bad on me 6x in a 2-3 year period, just wondering if I am being monitored by my cable company for some reason? To put it simply… is there a microphone in the box? The model is a SA8300DVR.
Do you have any sources or expertise in this field or is this your opinion? I don’t believe this to be very “absurd” when a plethora of companies now include backdoor access in both software and hardware products that allow the state to step in and conduct warrantless covert surveillance, a blanket violation of the 4th Amendment.

Label chief defends Taylor Swift’s performance

Label chief defends Taylor Swift’s performance
NASHVILLE — The head of Taylor Swift’s record label is fired up and defending his superstar against critical comments about her Grammy-night performance.

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Do we Have another Democrat embellishing his Military record, and where is Atlantic City Mayor Levy?

Robert Levy has come up missing, and no one knows where he is. The mystery and gathering scandal over Levy’s military record (claiming to be a Green Beret to collect more Veterans’ benefits) have worried civic leaders in this seaside casino resort, with a long history of corruption, with four of the last 8 mayors busted on graft charges, and one-third of last year’s nine-membe city council in prison or under house arrest.
What the heck is going on there, and where did the mayor disappear to?
Now to set the record straight; this fellow Levy was a Vietnam Veteran, but he lied about being a Green Beret to increase his Veteran benefits.

MGMT – Electric Feel – Interactive Music Video Game

This is a screen capture of someone playing the interactive music video game for mgmt's new song "Electric Feel". There are 625 to the 229th power different ways the video can turn out. Download the interactive video at: mgmt's new album "Oracular Spectacular", produced by MGMT and Dave Fridmann, is now available for download on itunes from Columbia Records.

what do you think is going to be the next universal media format?

from 8 track to cassette to cd to mp3
from vhs to dvd to hddvd to blueray
from mpeg to avi to mp4 and psp

where is this leading? when will we have a universal format?
one format that all devices can use.
i have a feeling that it won’t be a disk or anything with moving parts. i kinda think that movies will be sold on little flash drives in a format that all computers, tvs, media players will recognise.
I think that all digital media will someday be purely digital. ie, code. your video camera records onto an internal harddrive. when you get home, wirelessly upload to your home/server for archive and wirelessly to your TV to play.
I think the need to go to a store to buy this code burned on a disk will be obsolete, when you can just download the code from the net instead. iTunes already does this.
So again, what do you think the next universal format is going to me? I think first we need to decide on a universal code, then the media it’s written to can be anything.

what is columbia records dvd club phone number?