It Won’t Suck Itself – Steel Panther – Balls Out 2011

It won’t suck itself by Steel Panther from their new album Balls Out i do not own any copyright



Jenna and Tasha – You Got Me

Song: You Got Me by Colbie Caillat This video is my favorite coz it always makes me smile. The happy moments of Jenna & Tasha. I do not own the song or the video clips that were used on this video.

Life Of My Own – USMC

This was a challenge doing, but for my son worth it. The song provided by Three Doors Down, created this – a tribute to the US Armed Forces. -Please rate/comment- Music: “Life Of My Own” by 3 Doors Down Video: Thanks to the men and women of the US Armed Forces Noinfringements of copyright are implied or intended. I do not hold any rights to either the music or the images. These belong solely to the respective owners. This is fan-based only and intended solely for entertainment purposes.

Mountain Sound – Of Monsters & Men

Mountain Sound from Of Monsters & Men’s newest album: My Head is an Animal. Check out the rest of the album on iTunes.

MTV’s FEAR La Mina Dos Estrellas1 part1/5

Mina Dos Estrellas from the very beginning.



[MLP FiM] PMV – Kryptonite

My first PMV. Please tell me anything I can do better. I used Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic © by Hasbro Kryptonite made by Three Doors Down Theres a single frame error around 1:34. Please disregard it.

Kid Cudi – Cudi Zone ( subtitulado en español ) Video en directo

Kid Cudi – Cudi Zone ( subtitulado en español ) Video en directo

Stephen Jerzak ft. Leighton Meester – She Said full HQ (lyrics)

LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE :) LYRICS: Grab a drink dancin’ under flashin’ lights She’s a queen but she won’t put up a fight Everybody knows that she’s a looker but she ain’t quite right So I lie through my teeth again Been around see I think I know the type Honesty is not the policy she likes Choice words spoken to her in the heat of night So I lie through my teeth again Oo boy would you mind if I got closer Oo boy I can tell you want me don’t ya And I say why do you think that a wink can get you anything you ask for out on the dance floor She said Oo do you love me I wonder why she talks like that Tell me something Tell me how’d you get to be so bad Hey I know something you don’t Let’s go We can go wherever you want to go How would you feel if I told ya You ain’t worth the trouble It’s hard to think dancin’ under flashin’ lights Touchin’ me tellin’ me I’m just her type And everyones tellin’ me that she’s the hollywood hype so tonight I’m gonna lie through my teeth again. She’s lookin’ at me and I know that she don’t see I couldn’t live her when there so many others Blowin’ kisses at me but she aims too high How could I love her when there’s so many others *no copyright intended*