The Offspring – Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Trunk)

Music video by The Offspring performing Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Trunk). (C) 2012 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment.

34 Responses to “ The Offspring – Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Trunk) ”

  1. Dimitris Damilos Says:

    What you posted makes us all sure about 1 thing only! You’ve listened to a couple of Offspring songs back in the 90’s and this song here now and you missed the fact that throughout their whole career they were embedding trolling songs in every single album. Mostly to pick on idiots (*hint hint*). Take care of your nut allergies instead of commenting on things you have no idea about.

  2. Dylstew2 Says:

    It’s a joke song, the rest of the album sounds NOTHING like it

  3. LouThesz2 Says:

    Even worse: Justin Bieber

  4. Sean Kraus Says:

    *it was a joke

  5. Sean Kraus Says:

    you do realize this song was a joke, right?

  6. Agronox DT Says:

    Jail Bait fans?

  7. Agronox DT Says:

    My sentiments exactly.

  8. bobbymcjunior Says:

    Offspring is shit at the moment

  9. teambrownie1 Says:

    offspring, i am mildly dissapoint.

  10. Lynn Baggaley Says:

    love it boys!!! ; )

  11. LouThesz2 Says:

    JB fans

  12. Менеджер Камила Says:

    who are these 5211 people?

  13. pepe villa Says:

    damn trolls XD

  14. mrbeatbox9 Says:

    2:26 makinote

  15. jose vasquez Says:

    its a joke, only fans understand

  16. Adam Caddell Says:

    Heading out to LA tomorrow from NYC for a week…..when I get my rental car and roll the top down and start cruising….this is the first song I am gonna play at MAX volume :)

  17. Roberto Odebrecht Says:

    Tremendo forrito y flor de pelotudo.

  18. David Offspring Says:


  19. princessdragonetta Says:

    This is typical offspring satire. It’s taking the mick out if mainstream pop and the lyrics and video are about what you see when cruising the beach areas in California. This is the offspring I like (and I own every album and have seen them live 5 times).


    They’re taking the piss out of Cookie Cutter pop stars, if you claim to love them since their self titled album was released, you should be able to tell.

    They have a sense of humor, why can’t you?

  21. fatchicken425 Says:

    Somebody’s stuck in an era. Just like everything else, music evolves and changes. Its just plain stupid to think the Offspring would keep the same sound for thirty years. Things NEED to change.

  22. Dom Evans Says:

    i have loved the offspring ever since there self titled album was released, however this makes me want to chop of my ear’s. please never ever make a song like this again, especially when we know what you are capable of!!

  23. 69Lmx Says:

    This is a good song, this just isn’t an Offspring song… Please guys, don’t sell your soul to business… Stay what you were, what we loved.. This sounds as a virgin’s music.. ( and stop auto-tune, it’s horrible ! )

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