Wiz Khalifa – Stoned (Music Video) + mp3

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30 Responses to “ Wiz Khalifa – Stoned (Music Video) + mp3 ”

  1. wex ican Says:

    Hi my name is uŽge. My skin is pale, I suck at rapping, and I have a small pecker. Don’t check out my channel

  2. liltbone22 Says:

    happy 4 20 everybody

  3. jj palacios Says:

    live it up like khalifa i got up to 3 pounds a month:) :D

  4. Booba fan Says:

    Wiz Khalifabulous!

  5. MrMarcoLmfao Says:


  6. HunesBeats Says:

    he gots a license

  7. Dizztrack Says:

    damn julie u high af

  8. Hunter Daniels Says:

    prop 215 lets medicinal patients like me smoke freely in California!

  9. Hunter Daniels Says:

    prop 215 lets medicinal patients like me smoke freely in California!

  10. francois raynaud Says:

    Stoned I’m

  11. Jared31G Says:

    17 year old rapper spittin firee makin moves,,I WONT WASTE YOUR TIME,,rappin bout anyhin n everything,,check out my MUSIC VIDEOS & TRACKS,,Dont Be Hatin,, Juss Dream Chasin…. #GGM

  12. 18carlburns Says:

    Burn”n nigga lol

  13. aintgottymforthis Says:

    This is like the clean version. He actually says “Somebody roll a joint, grab a bong… while I forget it all and get STONED”

  14. Memento Overdose Says:


  15. MPdrummer01 Says:

    this song makes me want to play wii haha

  16. MPdrummer01 Says:


  17. Marek Šalajka Says:


  18. GaengBaengFisch Says:

    what the fuck… everytime pure :O :D

  19. LifeSoRich Says:

    pur son de ouf trop envie de fumer un pète le dessus ;)

  20. bboysito Says:


  21. Jim Jones Says:

    why say get zoned when the name of the song is Stoned?

  22. TheJared1445 Says:

    Well we’re part of the minority. We don’t account for the votes on legalization of marijuana

  23. ECCBproductions Says:

    Do yourself a favor and youtube KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, and drift into the worl of REAL Marijuana rap…. GO DEEP, Potluck, Big B, Kingspade… a Camp that is truely about what these mainstream artist claim. Wiz, Snoop and ALL these dudes have the power to HELP legalize. But instead the promote it in a simple way only creating controversy. Do it the right way…

  24. ECCBproductions Says:

    I deff got mad respect for Wiz, and other artist like Snoop, Wayne, Z, and any mainstream artist that promotes marijuana. And its bc of my active legal stance on the plant. Blood Sweat and Tears pour into legalization from my veins. BUT one thing i must nit pick at is the fact dudes on the main stream take these lil puffs for the camera to in pose a image of “heavy smoker”… this reflects on the lyrics in there songs about “weed” also being tied in with partying, bitches, and money… SO

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  26. joel Says:

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  28. jonathan Says:

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  29. Curtis Says:

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  30. max Says:

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