Daft Punk – GET LUCKY (Ancient Clubbers Edit)

Instrumental edit of Daft Punk’s new epic single GET LUCKY! All rights belong to Daft Punk and Columbia Records!

32 Responses to “ Daft Punk – GET LUCKY (Ancient Clubbers Edit) ”

  1. Robin Benjamins Says:

    Haha fake, the real one is out now..

  2. AwesomeSanglier Says:

    Super boring and unoriginal… Elevator music?

  3. Antonio Dias Says:

    muito bom

  4. Yeisson Hernandez Says:

    freaking amazing!!!!

  5. Ellena Laithwaite Says:


  6. Diego Gutierrez Says:

    The Kings are Back in Their House !!! :’)

  7. GetsugaGrimmjow Says:

    Daft punk is back MOTHAFAKAAAASS

  8. Evgeny Kaminskiy Says:

    Its not a dp. I think its fake. Bassline is so pure, ugly and simple

  9. sakatrak Says:

    bof, non?

  10. bibitoxx123 Says:


  11. ukhouseRJ Says:

    wow man i think this is even better than the original you should just out remix by …… nice work

  12. Steven Misner Says:

    tbh thats how quite a lot of daft punk is. like around the world or one more time. just saying if you dont like it dont listen to it but i for one love it

  13. MrFoxfire510 Says:

    Where do you get the symbols to make that face? I have a macbook pro :D

  14. Water lily Says:

    domage c’est trop fade …

  15. Sarah Shamma Says:


  16. jake snialham Says:

    Clearly you are not a golfer

  17. rubenseam Says:


  18. rob van de laar Says:

    Just heard it on the radio for the first Tine !!!! Just awsome :D 

  19. Vicki Leung Says:

    It’s fan made. The real one will be out April 19th.

  20. alex glass Says:


  21. battleme2015 Says:

    Im back, back to 1994, dont know why.

  22. supai83 Says:

    This is great, like going back to their roots. I’ve been waiting for this track since the Homework album. So buying the next one! :) Love it!

  23. IceBurNCABR Says:

    A nice end tracklist

  24. Byter B Says:


  25. dannykaossable Says:

    Same old shit!!! shame!!!

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  27. Terrance Says:

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  28. allen Says:

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  29. Willard Says:

    read@finishes.pounds” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!…

  30. victor Says:

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    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó….

  31. Matthew Says:

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    good info!!…

  32. Marshall Says:

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