Sean Paul- She Doesn’t Mind *lyrics*

music used: Sean Paul – She Doesn’t Mind I do NOT own anything! The music DOESN’T belong to me! I’m just a huge fan of Sean Paul’s music! :) *sorry if I got …

26 Responses to “ Sean Paul- She Doesn’t Mind *lyrics* ”

  1. Abbie Smith Says:

    Im an animal animal animal animal? Hahah! 2:54

  2. kryptonate44 Says:

    awasom song!love it

  3. Abhijeet Mishra Says:

    10%english 90% sean paul language :p

  4. Coolguy Laserblast Says:

    Sean Paul got a language for his own…

  5. LKYDesigns Says:

    The only reason they made mistakes is because he could be singing any word!

  6. Görkem Samet Says:

    5%dont understand what he saying

  7. Mike Wright Says:

    but the at all you did was right

  8. Mike Wright Says:

    in the bridge, abby, it is chance. :)

  9. Bilel Mcb Says:

    sean paul with lyrivs ? Really ?
    i don’t think so … but great job

  10. sadiente Says:

    antes comer um queijo do pauleta do que dar converça a um burro com tu!

  11. TheLyRiCaLBeAtZz Says:

    if you can’t understand these lyrics you need to go back to school…

  12. bryan adkins Says:

    it’s also illegal in seven countries.

  13. David Soh Says:

    do i mind

  14. dominick reisberg Says:

    she dosent mind

  15. David Abhijith Says:

    50% english 50%jamaicant english

  16. rsproable Says:

    149 people do mind

  17. SelenaG TayS Says:

    ’she don’t mind at all’….
    i think

  18. kuksosksos Says:

    fuck you

  19. Mika Maharaj Says:

    chandrapaul ah bad bwoy

  20. Riccardo Sarti Says:

    can someone explain me why at 1:01 he says “she don’t mind”??????

  21. Alessandro Asaro Says:

    fantastica canzone!

  22. nikkygtv Says:

    lol he said “wiggle it” XD

  23. ThePurpleGirl13 Says:

    Watched an MEP yesterday with this song and I thought I check it out today. I <3 Sean Paul!.:)

  24. TheDriftman12 Says:


  25. iamam shiki Says:

    3awdha lmok a zamel

  26. Derrick Says:

    civilized@phosphate.cappy” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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