(Eagles) Hotel California – Sungha Jung

Sungha played ‘Hotel California’ arranged Tomi Paldanius. 2010.11.26 Boulder Theatre.

25 Responses to “ (Eagles) Hotel California – Sungha Jung ”

  1. abclausen Says:

    i wish there will be a woodstock again 2000 eleven!!

  2. MrTimTimmyTimothy Says:

    holy id like to see him perform this on a 12 string imagine how amazing that would sound?

  3. viewthedr Says:

    Where is the Boulder Theatre?

  4. TTplaya Says:

    Sungha is maybe the greatest talent of guitar players here on earth, but without Tomi Paldanius this arrangement wouldn´t exist!! So, please, Tomi Paldanius is also a real guitar GOD…

  5. natali9700 Says:

    6:20 ninja :-p

  6. natali9700 Says:

    Sungha….u just made Hotel California a 7 stars hotel!!!

  7. kuylock Says:


  8. 143mark6275 Says:

    @timosha4 turning 15 this year i think

  9. 143mark6275 Says:

    liked it before the video even started playing.

  10. MOTAofCC Says:

    the 2 person who disliked this are his parents telling him there is room for improvement

  11. guacareada Says:

    everybody worship the guitar’s god.

  12. unicornmatie Says:

    how could anyone dislike this??

  13. dungphanftu Says:


  14. shinigamiryuukXD Says:

    2 people never gonna visit hotel california

  15. KUROnene29 Says:

    muito bom!!!

  16. husShpup Says:

    i love how calm he is playing all those hardass notes

  17. husShpup Says:

    so he is pretty famous huh

  18. elmenor123ful Says:

    me encanta ese video es el mejorrrrr

  19. Torquerock Says:

    The best live performance I have ever seen

  20. bwhahahahahaahahahah Says:

    Sungha, you SO sexy T___T damn.

  21. jekkun45 Says:

    better than the original and its like he’s playing 3 guitar in 1 o.o

  22. socramelrey Says:

    King of the guitar wonder

  23. alternativegrunge91 Says:

    ladies will die with those FINGERS of his…..:).

  24. sheng6127 Says:


  25. noctisragnarok Says:

    fuk that was nothing but a flawless performance shit must b heading to legend status in no time

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